Our Mission

We work to tell the true stories of Israel and the Jewish people, fight misinformation, and uncover the facts, one truth at a time.

Our History

Founded in 2016 by a group of passionate young activists, DiploAct began with a mission to reshape the global narrative about Israel. Over the years, we have grown into a leading organization dedicated to public diplomacy and advocacy.

From our early days of grassroots efforts to now hosting comprehensive training programs and international delegations, our journey has been driven by a commitment to truth and education. Through innovative strategies and dedicated volunteers, we continue to combat misinformation and promote a positive, accurate image of Israel worldwide, while working to expose the lies.

DiploAct activists standing in front of Anti-Israel mob
DiploAct team in our opening event

The Team

Our dedicated team works relentlessly to counter the rising waves of delegitimization and antisemitism. With a shared passion for advocacy and truth, we strive to reshape global perceptions and promote a positive, accurate image of Israel.

Help us stand up for Israel and tell its authentic story.