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DiploAct is led by a dynamic team of dedicated young leaders, driven by a profound commitment to globally amplify Israel's narrative and resolutely combat the rising tides of delegitimization and antisemitism.

An act that makes all the difference

Our Mission

Our mission at DiploAct is steadfastly focused on amplifying Israel's presence and voice globally, especially in those parts of the world where it remains less known. We concentrate our efforts on worldwide campuses and communities, striving to ensure that the Israeli narrative is heard and understood in its truest form.

With a decade of steadfast dedication in public diplomacy, DiploAct is committed to amplifying Israel's authentic voice on the global stage. Our robust training programs and international delegations form the pillars of our mission. We are unwavering in our determination to ensure that Israel's narrative is not just heard but also comprehensively understood worldwide.

We don't just talk; We act.

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Amit Deri


Ofir Ohayon

Director of Operations

Eden-Tal Haddad

Director of Training

Jonathan Elkhoury

Director of International Relations

Guy Kotler

Alumni Community Coordinator

Aby Volcovich

Content Coordinator

Raphael Becache

Be'er Sheva Group Coordinator

Bar Suisa

Reichman Group Coordinator

Shir Taïtou

Tel Aviv Group Coordinator

Arbel Brick

Haifa Group Coordinator

Eden Melamed

Jerusalem Group Coordinator

Reut Pinchuk

Ariel Group Coordinator